The Little Goji Project

As a minority and women-owned business, we’re as passionate about empowering girls in disadvantaged backgrounds as we are about making good-for-you chocolate. For that reason, we created The Little Goji Project - named after a small fruit with a modest appearance yet powerful superfood abilities. The tiny goji berry is jam-packed with nutrients and health benefits. It’s a little powerhouse just like the girls we’re aiming to encourage. 

The Little Goji Project’s mission is to help girls in disadvantaged backgrounds uncover their inner power and to reach their full potential. Each year Feel Good Chocolates will select a non-profit organization to donate part of our profits to or collaborate with to empower girls around the world.

This year, we’re donating a portion of our profits to a youth media organization that’s dear to our founder’s heart - Global Action Project. Chen was one of their board members and volunteered back in 2012. This organization empowers disadvantaged youth by teaching them how to use media and film to express their voices and tell their stories. Global Action Project’s work fights stereotypes and accelerates positive social change. What’s more, many of the young people in the program are from the countries where we source our ingredients - when we heard their stories, we had to step up.

Click the link below to see a preview of Amaliha, a film made by girls in the Global Action Project that premiered at the 2018 annual fundraiser. The story’s about a teenager who finds the courage to stand up to high school bullies. Making the film, art and media projects is such a positive transformative experience for the kids involved in GAP that many of them keep at the work reaping the benefits and building more confidence.

Global Action Project - Amaliha: A film by Youth Breaking Borders